Independence Day

Collection of Blue and Yellow Art Pottery from England, Germany, France and America (LEO Design)


On this day in 1991, Ukraine issued its Declaration of State Sovereignty of Ukraine—essentially, its Declaration of Independence from the Soviet Union (which would, itself, collapse four months later).  This wasn't the first time Ukraine had declared its independence from Mother Russia.  On 22 January 1918, during what would be the last months of World War One (and the lives of the Romanov Dynasty), Ukraine declared itself free and independent.  This date was formerly  celebrated as Ukrainian Independence Day, especially amongst the diaspora.

Today, 24 August, is Ukraine's most important state holiday.  Military parades, aviation flyovers, and presidential speeches are held in Kyiv.  Unfortunately, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has made such celebrations difficult, if not impossible.  Military assets are required for active defense--not celebrations.  However, the symbolic importance of the day remains acute.  Ukrainians will, no doubt, rally as a people.  It is also speculated that Russia may mark the day for renewed or dramatic attacks.  Substantial military operations are often planned on key dates such as this.

Above you'll see a collection of vintage and antique ceramics from England, Germany, France and the United States.  Blue and yellow—the colors of the Ukrainian flag—provide a crisp and pleasant color palette.  And a reminder of a proud and independent Ukraine.


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