Good Horsekeeping

Cast Iron "Grazing Horse" Bookends with Original Polychrome (LEO Design)


I raised horses as a kid.  I belonged to 4-H—"The Comancheros"—on the island of Kauai. Through the program, I learned important lessons about horsemanship, responsibility, sportsmanship, and competition.  Each day, after school, I had to bid farewell to my friends and head-out to the pasture to ride and care for my horse.  Seven days a week.  Exercising, grooming, feeding and watering (our pasture land had no plumbing—I had to bring water in numerous 5 gallon canisters).  Every couple of months, we had a horseshow which required three or four days of preparation and competition. On occasion, the routine was drudgery; much, much more often, it was incredibly fulfilling.  There is an extraordinary relationship which forms between a person and his horse—something one might not understand unless he has had the good fortune of truly knowing a horse.

One of the "commandments" passed-down to me was "Never let your horse eat with a bit in his mouth."  Horses are naturally curious and hungry.  If one stops for long—and especially if one dismounts—a horse may try to graze.  Eating with a bit in his mouth could cause choking (or so we were taught).

So, when I found the bookends, shown above, I nearly did not buy them.  The sculptor has shown the horse grazing while still wearing his bridle!  I was not interested in perpetuating poor horse-keeping practices.  But the painted coloration—so handsomely executed, in such rich shades—was compelling to me (and won-out).  Furthermore . . . I love horses.

These bookends are cast iron and still retain much of their original polychrome.  Although the horse is grazing—with a bit!—it is a handsome, well modeled equine.  Click on the photo above to learn more about it.


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