Classic Sidekick


Spanish Hand-Carved Wooden "Sancho Panza" Sculpture (LEO Design)


The classic Spanish novel, Don Quixote, is a masterpiece of Western literature.  Published in two parts (in 1605 and in 1615), this book by Miguel de Cervantes is considered by some scholars to be the World's first modern novel—and amongst the foundational works in the Western canon.  Cervantes has given us a misguided dreamer, an idealistic romantic on a hopeless quest to rekindle chivalry and valor in the world (a "Quixotic" ambition, indeed).  And Cervantes has also provided the classic sidekick, Sancho Panza, whose earthy simplicity provides a shockingly clear (and often funny) counterpoint to the hero's whimsy.

Shown above, a hand-carved wooden sculpture of Sancho Panza.  The sculptor has captured beautifully the sidekick's patient exasperation.  Perhaps it would make a meaningful gift for one's loyal best friend—that friend who helps one "keep it real."  Or, if one is a romantic dreamer himself, he might buy it for himself—and have his own Sancho Panza at last.  At the very least, having Sancho Panza on the desk will be a constant reminder to keep gazing at the stars, but don't keep your head permanently in the clouds.


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