Haul-Out the Holly!


Pair of Pressed Glass Winter Pine Tree Sculptures (LEO Design)

It was 1995.  And, during my little shop's First Christmas on Bleecker Street, I refused to decorate the store before Thanksgiving.  I would defend The Tradition!  I was adamant not to hang one pine needle until Thanksgiving Day!  So I crept into the shop on Thanksgiving morning around 6:00 am.  I turned on NPR; Bob Edwards was interviewing celebrity chefs on their favorite Thanksgiving offerings.  (Paul Prudhomme was making a "Turducken.")  The store would be closed for the holiday.  I was working alone but had nothing but time to relax and decorate: window, garlands, holiday merchandise, and a 10 foot tall Christmas tree, loaded with Christopher Radko ornaments (which would be for sale, of course).  As I took my first sip of caffeine, I thought to myself, "This'll be easy.  I'll be home by 3:00 pm—showered and dressed—for a turkey meal with my husband and his parents. No problem!"

By 12:00 Noon, I began to question my timing.  By 1:00 pm, I began to sweat.  And, by 3:00 pm—my ninth hour, at which time I was already late for dinner—I was in tears and the shop phone was ringing (which I could not get to, thanks to tall piles of boxes, garland and other Christmas Detritus blocking my path).  The store was a mess!  There was glitter everywhere—and barely a third of the decorations were in-place.

I worked for another hour, tried to tidy-up the view from the window, and went home "reformed" of my very recent "seasonal purity" convictions.

The next morning, Black Friday, I got to the store at 4:00 am!  I was able to make the shop presentable—though only under great stress and with enormous personal effort.  Every year, after that, I amended my ways: decorating would happen (neatly and efficiently) on the Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  Only the Christopher Radko ornaments would be held-back—hung on the shop tree on Thanksgiving Morning.  In fact, it became a family tradition for me and my visiting father-in-law to go down to the closed store on Thanksgiving morning, to decorate the tree together. We did this every year (in a leisurely manner and at a civilized hour!) before our Thanksgiving dinner, during my in-law's annual visits—at least until he became unable to travel.

26 years later, my father-in-law is gone.  My Greenwich Village shop is gone.  Even Christopher Radko's company is gone.  Yet, the decorating tradition continues, in its way. This morning, the Monday before Thanksgiving, I will head-down to the Antique Centre of Strabane, in Canonsburg, PA, where I rent a small display place, and I will decorate my area for the holidays.  I still use the same garland I purchased that very first year!  And, while I have gotten better at managing the timing, the excitement, cheer and anticipation of the season still remains.  I think it always will.

The pair of pressed glass Winter Pine Trees, shown above, can be purchased from our on-line store.  Please click the photo above to learn more about them.


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