The Queen is Dead

English Parianware Bust of Her Majesty, Queen Victoria on Her Diamond Jubilee (LEO Design)

Victoria Regina died on this day in 1901—after a 63 year (and 216 day) reign as Queen of England.  Hers remained the longest reign in British history until Queen Elizabeth II, who died last year, surpassed her (at 70 years, 214 days).  The death of Victoria ushered in the reign of her oldest son, Edward VII, and the modernizing Edwardian Era.

The world changed so much during the Victorian Era: the Industrial Revolution, the expansion of modern empires (and the accumulation of power and wealth which came with it), advances in science and medicine, and the growth of travel by increasing numbers of people.  Yet there was much more simmering change to come into focus during the Edwardian Era: rapid growth of a middle class, a push for increased rights for women, and a growing discontent amongst the working class of both sexes (who were starting to realize that they might have strength in numbers).  

Both the long Victorian Era and the short Edwardian Era framed periods of tremendous growth—in England and in other parts of the World.


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