Six Months 'til LEO!


Cast Iron Lion Coin Bank with Traces of Original Golden Paint (LEO Design)


Six months from today—on 23 July—the sun in the heavens will enter the zodiac constellation of LEO, which is, naturally, my favorite sun sign.  This also means that we've recently entered the zodiac sign of Aquarius—which is the "polarity" (or polar opposite) of the LEO birth sign on the annual "wheel of zodiac signs."

In Greek mythology, Aquarius provides a remarkable story.  Tros, the King of Troy, had a beautiful son.  He was so beautiful, in fact, that Zeus (the King of the Gods) wanted him for himself.  One day, while the youth was tending his father's flocks upon Mount Ida (in Phrygia, modern day Turkey) Zeus took the form of a giant eagle and swooped-down to carry-off the young man to the heavens.  Once there, the beautiful youth would be granted eternal youth and be assigned the honored task of bearing Zeus's wine cup for eternity (replacing Zeus's beautiful daughter, Hebe, who had previously carried out the assignment).  To this day, Ganymede (Aquarius) can be seen in the heavens, bearing Zeus's cup.  He's a constellation and a sign of the zodiac.

But let's get back to LEO!  The cast iron bank, shown above, was made at the Turn of the Twentieth Century.  Traces of the original golden paint are still visible.  Click on the photo above to learn more about him.


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