Welcome, Winter


French Crystal Dome-Form Paperweight with Snowflake Interior Impression (LEO Design)


This evening—at 10:27 pm Eastern Time—Winter will begin in the Northern Hemisphere. 10:27 pm will also mark the moment when the Earth's North Pole is tilted furthest from the Sun.  Thus it is the shortest period of daylight in the year (for those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere).  Starting tomorrow, 22 December, the days (that is, the daylight) gradually will get longer and longer.

Today is also our Seventh Wedding Anniversary!  Though we have been a devoted couple for (almost) 34 years, legal marriage was not afforded us for most of that time.  On this day, in 2016 (with President Obama securely in-office for one more month), Bob and I ran-down to City Hall for a late morning wedding.  Our Matron-of-Honor was our dear friend, Anne Kaufman ("Who are ALL these people?" she kept asking).  Our Best Man was Andrew Cooper.  Just the four of us—amidst a circus of characters buzzing around us: from the dullest of couples to the most eccentric of pairs.  Everyone was happy; it was wonderful!  We enjoyed a quick lunch in a nearby French Brasserie, after which I headed-back to the shop (don't forget, Christmas was only four days away).  I announced "I just got married!" to a startled staff before jumping-into the gift-boxing.  We did have a late dinner, just the two of us, that night (after the shop closed at 10:00) at our favorite NYC restaurant: Gramercy Tavern.  As I have said about that marvelous day, "We married on the first day of Winter; every day thereafter seemed longer and longer."

The French snowflake paperweights, shown above, are fashioned of domed crystal.  They certainly bring a wintry cool to any desk or credenza.  Click on the photo to learn more about them.


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