Last Days of LEO - Part II


Belgian Art Nouveau Vase by Antoine DuBois with Leaping Classical Greek Lion (LEO Design)


The Minoan Civilization—centered on the Mediterranean island of Crete—is considered the first civilization in Europe, which coalesced some 5,000 years ago.  Around 1450 BC, they came under the domination of the Mycenaeans (Ancient Greeks) and a hybrid culture developed.  But the art and society of the Minoans (as can be seen at the Palace of Knossos) was lively, energetic and wonderful.  The island boasts a small but terrific museum.

The vase above, made in Art Nouveau Belgium by potter Antoine DuBois, is inspired by ancient ceramics such as those found in Crete.  A Minoan or Greek-inspired lion leaps beneath a band of Greek Key fretwork.  On the reverse, a Greek stylized palm leaf can be found, similar to those found in the architecture and decorative arts of the region.  Click on the photo above to learn more about this terrific piece.


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