Roseville "Carnelian II" Classic High-Shouldered Vase with Mottled Rose, Gold and Blue Glazing (LEO Design)


The Roseville "Carnelian" line was introduced in 1926.  It came in two color ways:  a medium blue drip over light blue, and a dark golden drip over light wheat.  Apparently, the line did not sell well, prompting Roseville to "re-glaze" some of the overstock with mottled, organic, curdled glazes: gold with rose and blues with greens. In many cases, one can still perceive the original dripping glaze around the shoulders of the form.  The combination of glazes—done at different times—leads to a great deal of variability within the output.  Truly, no two pieces are the same.  Nevertheless, the Carnelian II pieces have a strong aesthetic identity.  Until I was informed of the curious circumstances of the Carnelian II line, I did not realize that there was anything odd about them.

The vase above, made in the 1920's, is a classic, high-shouldered form.  The body of the vase is covered in a mottled swirl of rose and honey-colored glazes.  The top quarter still shows the dripping glaze from its earlier incarnation, though it is now a highly-complex blend of colors: rose, gold, purple, greens and blues.

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