Double Bison

Cast Iron "Mirrored" Bison Bookends (LEO Design)

Most pairs of bookends comprise two interchangeable members—two bookends from the same mould, modeled identically. This was a concession to ease and expense (and usually worked just fine for most purposes).  But, when a bookend maker wanted to take things to the next level, they created a "mirrored" pair of bookends, like the Bisons shown above.  To make a mirrored pair of bookends required a lot more work—at every stage of design, production and handling.  First, two different models needed to be crafted (one facing in each direction).  Likewise, two different moulds needed to be made and maintained.  Then, as the bookends were finished, packed and shipped, it was not enough to just grab two bookends; rather, a pair had to be mated and kept together throughout the process (which, of course, takes more concentration and effort at every step along the way). In my experience, about 90 to 95% of all pairs of bookends are not mirrored.  So, when a nice pair of mirrored bookends comes along, I am always eager to acquire them.  Please click on the photo above to learn more about these handsome buffaloes. 


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