Mirrored Pairs

Mirrored Pair of Cast Bronze Elephant Bookends (LEO Design)


A "mirrored pair" of bookends is when the two mates—the two single bookends—are sculpted to face in opposite directions when placed on the shelf.  The pair above is a good example: one bookend faces right, the mate faces left.  This allows one to place them on the bookshelf, holding-up books, with each one facing-forward.  Most pairs of bookends—perhaps 95% of them—are composed of two of the exact same sculpture.  In such a case, when in use, one dog will be facing forward, the other will be facing backward (tail-out).

Making a mirrored pair of bookends takes more effort and is more costly.  Firstly, the foundry needs to create two original sculpted models (and make two different moulds) for each pair of bookends.  It is also a little more work to "keep the pair together" as it's cast, finished, patinated and packed-up for shipment.

But the results are nice (no elephants forced to face inwards, to the back of your bookshelf).  It also allows one to use them in other ways, for example, as mantelpiece decorations (each one facing inwards, towards its mate).

The bronze elephant bookends, shown above, are such a mirrored pair.  They are nicely cast with great detail.  And bronze castings typically provides much crisper detail than cast iron items.  Click on the photo above to learn more about them.


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