Guarding American Democracy


Neo-Classical Temple of Concordia Bookends by Bradley & Hubbard (LEO Design)


On this day in 1920, the American Civil Liberties Union was founded in New York City.  For 103 years, the ACLU has lobbied and litigated for the fair and equal application (to all people) of the rights and liberties guaranteed by the American Constitution.  The organization takes direct legal action in some cases and it also advises and supports the legal actions of other civil rights advocates.  The ACLU weighs-in with amicus briefs, when appropriate, and communicates with lawmakers as to the constitutionality (or not) of their proposed legislation.  Some people believe that the ACLU is a liberal organization, however, its history proves otherwise.  The ACLU has long advocated for free speech rights, even for right wing organizations like the Ku Klux Klan and and Neo-Nazis.  The National Rifle Association has sought ACLU help in the past (although the ACLU only supports the original interpretation of gun possession—that is, within a well-regulated militia).  And conservative icons like Rush Limbaugh, Henry Ford, George Wallace and Oliver North have all received support from the ACLU, even (and especially) when their First Amendment-protected utterances have caused great pain and suffering to many.

The foundation of the ACLU's work—indeed, the entire American Experiment—is the Constitution itself.  And the Constitution is The Law.  And it is through The Law that individual liberties (and democracy) are preserved.  Thank you, ACLU.

The bookends above, made by Bradley & Hubbard in the Twenties, depict the Classical Greek structure, The Temple of Concordia, whose remnants are to be found in Sicily.  Greek Revival architecture and decor has long been associated with The Law and all matters legal.  Perhaps your favorite lawyer (or judge) would enjoy these bookends on her bookshelf, desk or credenza.   Click on the photo above  to learn more about these handsome temples.


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