Art Deco


American Art Deco Wallet-Sized Photo Frame with Bevelled Glass and Stepped Spelter Stand (LEO Design)


Whereas the Arts & Crafts movement had a limited reach and "lifespan"—the handcraft was expensive, it was too Avant-Garde for most, and it was interrupted by World War One—the Art Deco Movement was made for the moment: Modern, aerodynamic, Futuristic and suited to mass production.  Art Deco was enormously popular and it worked its way into nearly every facet of art and design.  Thanks to a growing Middle Class (with newly-acquired disposable income) in the Twentieth Century, Art Deco had a long and productive lifespan.  All manner of "everyday" objects were given an Art Deco makeover—from the Twenties Bakelite electrical plugs at the end of a lamp wire to the enormous fins at the back end of a Fifties auto cruiser.  Lightswitches, kitchen appliances, ceramic vases, even gift-wrapping paper were all embellished in the Art Deco manner.  The straight lines and streamlined aesthetic made Art Deco products uniquely suited to industrialized mass production.  Such production lowered the cost of manufacture, thereby putting the items within reach of a modest (though growing) Middle Class.  The Golden Age of Hollywood also gave a boost to the Art Deco school; costumes, set design, graphics, and bold cinematography brought the cutting edge of the Deco movement into the local cinemas of nearly every town across the nation.  And many of those local movie houses were designed in the bold, Art Deco style.

The little photo frame, shown above, is composed of two pieces of bevelled glass (back-to-back) held-together in a stepped, cast spelter frame.  The frame can hold two wallet-sized photos, one on each side.  Click on the photo above to learn more about this nice little frame.


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