Eternal Classics

The "Great Poets" (Dante & Homer) Cast Iron Bookends by Bradley & Hubbard (LEO Design)

The foundations of Western poetry and literature rest on the shoulders of two giants, who lived 2,000 years apart: Dante Alighieri (Medieval Florence, 1265-1321) and Homer (Ancient Greece, c. 700 BC). Although many great writers have come since them, many of the great Western scribes have credited these two—and their harrowing tales of travel and adventure (throughout the Ancient World and down to the Underworld).  

Historians are divided over whether "Homer" was a single person or, perhaps, a group of writers (over time) who formed, re-formed and penned the Odyssey and the Iliad. On the other hand, Dante's authorship is undisputed. After supporting the losing side of a political war in Florence, he was banished from his beloved home city and took up residence in Ravenna. He wrote his most important work, the Divine Comedy while in Ravenna—and remains entombed there to this day (700 years later). One can visit his handsome 19th Century tomb today. On a side note: once Dante had died, Florence realized its great mistake in banishing il Sommo Poeta ("The Great Poet"). They have been fighting to get-back his body for seven centuries (and have even built a tomb for him in the Basilica of Santa Croce in Florence—which remains empty).

This pair of literary lions will certainly add “a touch of knowing” to your handsome library, office or bookshelf. They were made of cast iron by Bradley & Hubbard in the 1930's. Please click on the photo above to learn more about them.


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