Italian Time

Italian Pewter 30 Minute Sandglass with Perpetual Calendar (LEO Design)

Italy is my favorite travel destination—and I easily could spend every remaining vacation of my life exploring (and absorbing) a new Italian village or city. So I am well aware that Italy shines brightly in certain respects (style, atmosphere, attitude, design) and is (ummm...) less highly-regarded in other areas (precision timing, prompt shipping). I keep this in mind while considering this handsome and stylish pewter sandglass. While the sand-cast metal is beautifully designed and crafted, it is less-effective as a precision timepiece: sometimes it hits the thirty minute mark, sometimes it will add or subtract a minute (or two, or less) to that timing objective. Che importa?  Who cares?

In keeping with Italy's age-old experience with time, you'll find a centuries old Perpetual Calendar embossed into the two flat ends of the timepiece. And perhaps we can learn a lesson from Italy's seasoned attitude towards time.

Please click on the photo above to learn more about this sandglass.


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