Taxco Mexican Sterling Silver "Aluxes" Cufflinks (LEO Design)

Aluxes are mythical Mayan "elves"—not unlike Irish Leprechauns or Hawaiian Menehune. Though usually invisible—or, at least, unseen—they can take the form of knee-high dwarves. And they are known to be mischievous. But their mischief-making does not carry an evil intent; instead, they will sometimes create chaos while attempting to protect their territory. In recent years, while a bridge was being built in Mexico, it kept collapsing, inexplicably. Local residents of Mayan ancestry explained that the builders had failed to ask permission of the little aluxes before commencing work. The engineers rectified the situation by creating a little house under the bridge—so that the aluxes could continue to live in the area, undisturbed. The small house can still be seen (under the bridge) today.

These sterling silver cufflinks were made by Taxco (Rancho Allegre) in the 1960's.  Please click upon the photo above to learn more about them.


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