I'm Not Going Native!


Nineteenth Century Primitive Knife Box with Old White Paint (LEO Design)


Though I live in the City of Pittsburgh, I am part of a multi-dealer group shop, The Antique Center of Strabane, in Washington County—the suburban (and rural) region south of The Steel City.  Thus I am a daily witness to the aesthetic "taste preferences" of this non-urban population.  What's most popular in this area is a rustic country look, sometimes called "primitives."  This means crocks, old kitchen accoutrements, and rustic, painted wooden furniture.

One such example of primitive goods is the weathered knife box, shown above.  It displays the "life wear" which primitive collectors want, plus substantial traces of the original paint, in this case white.

I have owned this knife box for decades!  But it never had a price on it.  Instead, I used it in my Greenwich Village shops to display greeting cards (and, at one time, German felt coasters)—which, themselves, were for sale.  Now, given my clientele surroundings, I have finally put a ticket on it.  Until it sells, it will continue to hold other merchandise—cards, twig pencils and desk accessories.  Click on the photo above to learn more about it.

Fear not, gentle customer!  I have no intention of moving (very far) in a "primitive" direction.  Despite the predilections of the local customer base, my heart will always prefer a touch of urban sophistication (from the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries).  I will always be a "Town Mouse," not a "Country Mouse."


Though our Greenwich Village store is now permanently closed, LEO Design is still alive and well!  Please visit our on-line store where we continue to sell Handsome Gifts (www.LEOdesignNYC.com)

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