Back-To-School Blues - II


English Enameled "Schoolboy" Repp Stripe Cufflinks with Griffons (LEO Design)


Repp stripes were (and are) highly-popular in England where they often represent a regiment, a school, a sports team or some other club or clan.  Like tartan plaids in Scotland, members of the (originally all-male) groups would wear their colors with great pride.

Occasionally, I am able to identify the organization to which a particular repp stripe belongs.  But, most of the time, I remain in-the-dark as to the pattern's origins.  I also suppose that some repp stripe patterns are designed (or re-colored) by fashion designers, simply to look nice on a tie, a scarf or a pair of cufflinks—not because they are historically accurate renderings of a school's or team's colors.

This stinking pair uses a bold black ground color cut with crisp white and red repp stripes.  What appear to be griffons punctuate the field between the stripes.  I do not know if this is any group's actual repp stripe, but I loved the "serious effect" the colors and arrangement create.

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