In Black & White - V

Emons & Söhne West German Modernist Ceramic Pitcher with Dappled Black & White "Planet Mercury" Glazing (LEO Design)

As we straddle the seasons—that unpredictable period between Winter and Spring—let us shine a little light on another sensory counterpoint: the interplay of black and white.  Over the next few days, we'll share part of our collection of black, white and black & white merchandise—all for sale in our on-line store.

Black and white becomes—or can become—a shade of grey.  Such is the case with this West German Modernist pitcher made by Emons & Söhn: foamy white dappled over black.  I find such a simple coloration and texture endlessly fascinating.  Very understated.  Very elegant.  It reminds me of the planet Mercury, whizzing quickly around the Sun, some 90 million miles from Earth.  What a wonderful addition this piece would be to a collection of black, white and grey ceramics!  Click on the photo above to learn more about it.

More Black & White offerings tomorrow.


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