Have a Seat


Turn-of-the-Century Windsor Child's Chair with Bentwood Back, Sculpted Seat and Turned Spindles (LEO Design)


Having had a small (and tight) Greenwich Village storefront for 23 years, I've developed a certain prejudice against buying chairs.  Especially sets of chairs. In my experience, sets of chairs do not sell quickly.  Sure, everyone needs them.  But, until they finally sell, they take-up lots of precious floor space, require frequent moving (in order to reach other things) and are only moderately useful for displaying other merchandise before they sell (compared to, say, a table).  In short, they always seem to be in the way!

All this said, I have always enjoyed buying children's chairs.  Their small size makes them useful (atop or under a table) for displaying merchandise—like a giant, nice-looking riser platform.  Sometimes they can be hung on a wall as a shelf.  And their small size gives them a special charm (like seeing cool grown-up clothes shrunk-down at Gap Kids).

In the home, children's chairs can be used as a low occasional table—holding a lamp, phone, plant or stack of books.  They can be paired and used to support a shelf.  They can be used atop a table or credenza to provide height variation for a displayed collection.  Or they can be used to seat a child.

This chair, made at the Turn-of-the-Twentieth-Century, is a classic Windsor chair, sized for a child.  The bentwood back is attached to a sculpted seat.  Turned spindles support the back and are used as front stretchers.  Click on the photo above to learn more about this handsome chair.


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