Suspended Heart


Hand-Crafted Folkart "Tramp Art" Frame with Suspended Heart (LEO Design)


There is a type of folk craft popularly called "Tramp Art."  This term rings a bit insensitive to contemporary ears, for homelessness is no light matter.  On the other hand, I have never been convinced that much (or any) Tramp Art was really and truly made by those living rough.  Some of it was probably made at scouting camps and in shop classes in the first third of the Twentieth Century.  Perhaps people also made pieces at home—solely from their own ingenuity or, perhaps, following a printed design plan.  What is known is that most Tramp Art was made using simple craft skills, modest tools and often utilizing inexpensive, scavenged or recycled materials like discarded wooden crates and fruit boxes.

In the Tramp Art photo frame, shown above, the photo image is held within a swinging  heart—suspended between two curving, wooden arms.  Chip-carved ziggurats, a classic of Tramp Art embellishment, punctuate the sides of the base.  A "keystone" aperture holds the photo of your choice—whatever lies close to your heart.  Please click on the photo above to learn more about this frame—a lovely addition to your country cabin or rustic den.


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