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Pierrefonds French Art Nouveau High-Shouldered Ceramic Vase with Organic, Dripping Blue Glazes (LEO Design)


Amongst my favorite trio of vases—in my LEO Design collection—is this set of three French Art Nouveau vessels, which I shall share over three days, made by Pierrefonds in the early Twentieth Century.  Classic forms of heavy ceramic stoneware are glazed with a steely blue-grey underglaze, then capped with an organic, dripping blend of blue glazes: cornflower, royal, cobalt blue.  The crisp, classical forms are juxtaposed against the random, uncontrolled embellishment—creating an artistic, dynamic tension.

This high-shouldered vase is a classic—even an ancient—form.  The dripping glazes pool and curdle within the eddies of the flat ridge encircling the neck.  Click on the photo above to learn more about it.


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