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Krementz Art Deco Cufflinks with Black Mother-of-Faces and Gold-Plated Settings (LEO Design)


Classics are forever.  Simple, handsome and timeless—these are the qualities that make a classic enduring.  Over the past several days, we've been sharing some of the classic, Mother-of-Pearl cufflinks now in-stock at LEO Design.  Click on the photo above to learn more about it.

Krementz, of Newark, New Jersey, was one of the better "high volume" cufflinks makers of the 1920's and 1930's.  Their "fit and finish" seemed a step-up from the other mass market jewelers, especially their gold-plated backings which they used on most of their cufflinks.  This small touch makes a big difference in the look and feel of the Krementz product.

George Krementz moved from Germany to Albany, New York, and soon thereafter to New York City where he became a jeweler's apprentice.  In 1866, he founded his own jewelry manufactory which grew and eventually was relocated to the jewelry-making hub of Newark, New Jersey.  His first "big idea" was to re-design the gold collar button used to fasten men's detachable collars.  First he made them in gold, then in a more affordable gold-overlaid metal.  He sold these buttons by the thousands, giving him a quick and profitable start in the jewelry business.  Krementz developed a "rolled gold" method in which he "plied-together" 14 karat gold with a cheaper (stronger) base metal.  This allowed him to have a heavier, thicker layer of gold which gave his jewelry a high-quality appearance, weight and hand-feel.  It was this 14 karat rolled gold metal which was used on the backs of most of his cufflinks, including the ones above.

These cufflinks have black Mother-of-Pearl faces and a crenelated bezel—all set into gold-plated mounts.  Click on the photo above to learn more about them.


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