Martin Luther King Day

Charcoal Sketch of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by Chinese Artist Mei He (2008)


Today we honor the legacy of one of America's greatest leaders—indeed, one of the World's greatest leaders—Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.   That Americans—leaders and followers alike—would more closely follow his enduring example of seeking non-violent (but overdue) change.  MLK remains the finest illustration of Christian Love seeking Social Justice.  May the holiday be one of rest, relaxation and reflection--with, perhaps, a measure of service to others.

And, speaking of fine illustration, I am so very impressed by this 2008 portrait of Martin Luther King sketched by Chinese artist Mei He.  Born in China, she was trained in Sichuan after which she attended the Savannah College of Art and Design.  In a world where hand-sketching often is neglected, even in today's Western art schools, Mei He reminds us that great draughtsmanship is the foundation of great art.  She sketches with ease, conviction and spontaneity.  Her beautiful rendering of proportion is matched by her skilled conveyance of the man's personality—his character and energy.  One can nearly read his mind.  Though the picture was drawn 40 years after King's murder, at first glance, I thought that it had been sketched by John Singer Sargent (who died four years before King was even born).  Brava, Mei He.  And thank you for keeping-alive the dying art of beautiful sketching.


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