Monarch of the Glen


Oversized Pair of Mirrored Cast Bronze "Monarch of the Glen" Bookends (LEO Design)



The "Monarch of the Glen" stands proudly atop his rocky outcrop with this pair of oversized cast bronze bookends, made in the 1920's.  Besides their size (large), their material (bronze), and their handsome sculpting, they are also a mirrored pair—that is, the two mates face in opposite directions,  This allows you to place them on your bookshelves with both bookends facing forwards.  They would also look wonderful standing at opposite ends of a rustic mantelpiece—as a beautifully-sculpted decorative touch in your home or weekend cabin.

Mirrored bookends required considerably more effort, time and expense to create. Because the two mates use different moulds, two original models needed to be sculpted. And different moulds required greater attention to detail—ensuring that a pair was made, finished and shipped together.  In the world of bookend making, having one mould greatly simplified the manufacturing process at every stage of the game.  Click on the photo above to learn more about this handsome pair of bookends.


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