Deco Delights - XIV


English Art Deco Cufflinks with Black & White "Jazz Age" Enameled Graphics (LEO Design)


We are in the process of listing dozens of newly-acquired pairs of vintage cufflinks to our website's on-line shop.  For the next several days, we'll be sharing some of the handsome Art Deco options, now available at LEO Design.

The Art Deco period coincided with "The Jazz Age"—inextricably linking the two movements in the modern person's mind.  Jazz, with its energetic, stimulating, and (sometimes) discordant rhythms, captured the energy and conflict and promise of its day. Likewise, Art Deco design captured the streamlined and modern and efficient energy of the machine age.

These handsome English Art Deco cufflinks—with snazzy black and white enameled faces—capture the fractured energy of the Twenties.  A good deal of animation is contained within each little hexagon of this dynamic pair of links.

Click on the photo above to learn more about this handsome pair of cufflinks.

More newly-acquired cufflinks tomorrow.


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