Small Chairs


Nineteenth Century Doll's Chair with Spindle Back and Pierced, Slatted Seat (LEO Design)


There's something I love about small chairs.  I don't have children.  I've never had a doll. But I can't pass-up a nice, small chair—be it made for a child or a toy.

It's not that I particularly like chairs.  In fact, I have always made it a point not to stock "real chairs" (they take forever to sell and take-up too much shop space until that happens).

What I like about small chairs is that they are wonderful merchandising (or home decorating) props.  One can place a small chair atop a merchandise display—a table, a shelf or a mantelpiece—and provide automatic "lift" to some featured item.  It helps to "break-up" the display area, creating a variation in height amongst the products.  In a home, a small chair can be used effectively within a collection of ceramics, to elevate a plant, or to give focus and interest on a sideboard serving spread.  (You can even keep an antique doll or teddy bear on a small chair.)

This antique chair, from the late Nineteenth Century, features a spindled back and a pierced, slatted seat.  It is most certainly for a doll (not a child) given its size (any child capable of sitting-up alone would be too big for this chair).  Click on the photo above to learn more about it.


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