Cufflinks Are Not Earrings


Sterling Silver Art Deco Cufflinks with Striped and Pierced Design (LEO Design)


We've sold hundreds of pairs of cufflinks over the years.  Eighty percent of the time, the purchaser is a man buying cufflinks for himself.  The other twenty percent of the time, it's someone else (occasionally a woman) buying a gift for a man.  When I'm selling a pair of cufflinks to a woman—which are intended to be a gift for a man—the customer will will nearly always remark, "My husband's very conservative in his dress."  She will guide me to show her the more-understated options.  My response is always, first, to show her the more conservative options.  Then I will explain that cufflinks are not like earrings.  Whereas earrings are highly-visible, centrally-placed, and subject to intense scrutiny, a pair of cufflinks are far more discreet.  What appears to be "conspicuous" when scrutinized in-the-hand, at close range, will diminish in aesthetic flamboyance once exiled to the end of a moving arm (and, possibly, under a jacket cuff).  A pair of cufflinks with "a bit of tasteful jazz" will appear far more conservative once employed in traditional business attire.  And, like a necktie, cufflinks are one of the few ways a "regular business guy" can express a pinch of sartorial flare at work.  Most business men, I will point-out, are usually highly receptive to having an interesting (non-business) subject of conversation to fill the silence.  Commenting on another man's interesting and handsome cufflinks might just give the fellows an innocuous topic of discussion before the negotiations commence.

If this reasoning is unpersuasive, shown above is a conservative—but handsome—pair of sterling silver Art Deco cufflinks from the Thirties.  Classic and understated, yes.  But far from boring.  The pierced edges add a pop of color from the shirt cuff below.  And the discreet etching adds a handsome crispness.  This nice pair of cufflinks are bound to please the most conservative of business dressers—and still give him something to talk about.


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