Edwardian English Brass Squirrel Sculpture (LEO Design)


When I lived in New York City, I held a much different attitude about squirrels than I do today.  Yes, back in the city, I did acknowledge that squirrels are large, climbing rodents. But they seemed to me a benign part of the landscape—a natural, "living accessory" whose playful charm was to be observed and enjoyed in parks and in trees.  And, certainly, squirrels were worthy of artful commemoration in ceramics, wood and metalwork.

Today, living in an old house in the city of Pittsburgh, these charming little devils have lost a bit of their charm.  They will conquer any bird feeder, leaving our feathered friends starving.  They chew wooden fences and house trim—and will invade the hidden crawl spaces and nest, if they can manage to break in.  They urinate on the pillows on the porch and will chew and steal the stuffing when they're done.  And they dig-up the flower bulbs—reducing next year's tulips and hyacinths to a paltry display, indeed.  I have yet to witness my wiring—house, auto, HVAC—chewed through by a squirrel (though I know it can happen).  That Rubicon, my friends, will likely be the bitter end for me (and them).

But, until then, a handsome Edwardian brass squirrel stands at-the-ready.  He'd love to stand guard on your desk, mantelpiece or windowsill.  And, I must admit, he is cute.  Click on the photo above to learn more about him.


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