Altar Sticks


German Modernist Heavy, Hand-Wrought Iron Altar Sticks (LEO Design)


For centuries, church architects and designers have looked back upon older "schools" of design for their inspiration when building new churches.  The Gothic and the the Romanesque were two favored movements which continued to animate church design in the Eighteenth, Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries—long after those particular design eras had ended.  It was believed that by using familiar, time-tested design styles, the Church was reinforcing the notion of its timelessness and permanence.  

With the growth of Modernism between the wars (Bauhaus, Art Deco, the International School, and Brutalism), the Church (both Roman Catholic and Protestant) began to experiment with the new, Modernist design.  Church buildings and interior objets were designed in the new look.  This was especially true in audacious Germany—although the conservative authority of the Nazis effectively ended this new movement (at least until after World War II).

The heavy, wrought iron candlesticks, shown above, may have graced a German altar or other liturgical space in the Fifties or Sixties.  The spare, rustic Brutalism is very much in-keeping with the design of Modernist church spaces, especially after Vatican II.  Today, they would add handsome modernity to a dining table, mantelpiece or windowsill.  Click on the photo above to learn more about them.


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