Six Months 'Til Summer!


Summer is on its way—six months from today!  Of course, we need to get through Winter, first (which begins tomorrow).  So, while these days are dark and the temperatures are cold, let's think back fondly on warmer, brighter days, perhaps when we were relaxing at the seashore. 

The seashell-encrusted box, shown above, was made around the Turn-of-the-Twentieth-Century.  But this type of craftwork has been popular since the Eighteenth Century—perhaps first inspired by Baroque art and design (which often used water, sea life and seashells in its exuberant, exotic aesthetic).  The Eighteenth Century also witnessed a growth of Natural History specimen collections, at least amongst the educated (and wealthy) elite.  The use of a collection of seashells, such as on this encrusted box, might have appealed to the spirit of the times—collecting and appreciating a range of exotic and beautiful specimens from the Natural World.

This box has a hinged lid, topped with a featured, spiked finial shell.  Inside, a red-flocked lining provides bold, colorful contrast.  Click on the photo above to learn more about this handsome and interesting box.


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