Where the Buffalo Roam?

Cast Iron American Bison Bookends (LEO Design)

Sticklers inform us that there is no such creature as an "American Buffalo."  Buffaloes, the pedants contend, live in South Africa (as Cape Buffalo) and in Southeast Asia (as Water Buffalo). "Bison," they inform us, are the creatures found "Home on the Range" (with the deer and the antelope). Technically, these spoilsports are correct. Nevertheless, there is a long written record of the word "buffalo" being used to refer to the American Bison—not to mention all the popular songs, images and folktales.

For millenia, bison roamed much of North America: Alaska, Canada, the United States, and part of Mexico. But hunting of the shaggy bovids decimated their numbers; the bison population fell from a high of 60 million (in the 1780's) to a mere 541 individuals 100 years later.  Beside the commercial slaughter, diseases of domestic bovines also killed-off many of the majestic animals (the largest males tipping the scales at 2,600 pounds).

Bison or buffalo, this is a handsome pair of bookends. Dated 1925, they portray a  nicely-sculpted bison, finished with a darkened bronze patina. Click on the photo to learn more about them.


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