Pilkington Royal Lancastrian


Pilkington Royal Lancastrian English Art Deco Vermillion-Glaze Vase with Wide Mouth, High Shoulder and Tapered Vertical Ribbing (LEO Design)


This is one handsome vase!  A robust shape, punctuated with bold, tapering vertical ribbing, and finished with a mottled vermillion glaze—this piece is a knockout whether standing alone or as part of a larger collection.  It was made by Pilkington Royal Lancastrian during the Art Deco Thirties.

Pilkington's, the company, had planned to go into the coal mining business in Lancashire, England.  But the company owners found very little coal while digging—all they managed to turn-up was clay!  So Pilkington began to make ceramic tiles in 1893—a time when decorated tiles were much needed in the building trades.  Before long, Pilkington added ceramic vessels to its production: bowls and vases.  Pilkington received international acclaim for its works as well as recognition at home: in 1913, the King and Queen became aware of Pilkington's works and issued them a "royal warrant," allowing them to use the word "Royal" in their company name.

After World War One—and the Great Depression which followed—Pilkington's had a difficult time selling fancy ceramics wares.  By 1938, the company discontinued making its art pottery, items focusing solely on ceramic tiles from that point forward.

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