Dreaming of Summer


Empireware English Art Deco Pitcher-Form Vase with Dappled Green, Yellow and Cornflower Blue Glazing (LEO Design)

Summer is still months away.  In fact, Spring has not yet begun.  But we can begin to dream of the idyllic Summer season: the warmth and the smells, the buzz of insects and the long, carefree afternoons.  On reflection, I'm not quite sure when I last enjoyed a "long, carefree afternoon."  Considering the news, the virus and the General National Tension, "carefree" has been a rare indulgence since . . . about . . . 2016.  But the point isn't to have an idyllic day; the point is to dream of one.  And that's where this piece of pottery comes-in.

This "Empire Ware" English Art Deco ceramic jug was made in Stoke-on-Trent and is dated September 1933.  The form is pleasant enough.  But it's the sensational glaze which elevates this piece to the sublime.  Dappled glazes of aqueous green, deep yellow and cornflower blue blend and flow-together, reminiscent of a work by Claude Monet—perhaps one of his Waterlilies or the portrait of Madame Monet and Her Son.  The glaze—made unique by its handcrafted nature and the vicissitudes of the kiln—is endlessly interesting.  As much as anything, this reminds me of a beautiful, relaxing and (yes) carefree summer's day. 


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