Notes From Japan - Part Five

Original Scene Design for Don Giovanni Act I Finale by Robert Perdziola (LEO Design)

My primary reason for traveling to Japan was to hear the opera, Don Giovanni, for which my husband, Robert Perdziola designed the sets and costumes.  Tonight was the premiere of the "International Cast," with principal roles sung by Canadians, Americans and Europeans. Tomorrow night the "Japanese Cast" takes the stage for their premiere.

The Japanese producers—administrators, craftspeople, crew—work very hard and invest heavily to bring Bob's designs to life.  This team of people respects (and honors)  talent, artistry and beauty.  So it is extremely fulfilling for Bob to be able to work here—where people at every level of the organization make every effort to execute to the highest possible standard.

Shown above, Bob's original design sketch of the Act I Finale.  Below, a photo of the completed scenery as it was being loaded-in by the stage crew.


The opening performance—a full house of 2,000 audience members—was rapturously received with an extended standing ovation and over a dozen curtain calls.  Not long afterwards, the hall was was quiet, but for the theatre staff who were cleaning-up, preparing for the next evening's performance.

Hyogo Performing Arts Center Opera House, Nishinomiya, Japan (LEO Design)


More from Japan tomorrow and in the days to come.


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