On the Range...


Crisply-Rendered Cast Iron American Bison Bookends by Connecticut Foundry (LEO Design)


This majestic Monarch of the Range stands atop a crisply-cast prairie—one can almost see the wild grasses rustling in the breeze.  And the animal, himself, is beautifully sculpted and cast, too.

Despite the American Bison's status as an icon of America strength, independence and determination, they nearly were driven to extinction in the 1880's—a full five decades before these bookends were cast.  In the year 1800, an estimated 60 million buffalo roamed the Great Plains.  By the end of that century, all but 500 had been exterminated by overhunting.  Cattle ranchers attempted to breed their domesticated bulls with bison cows, though the results were poor.   The hybrids were generally weak and only the female offspring were fertile.  Luckily, today, about 500,000 bison exist—some in national parks or wildlife preserves, others in commercial herds.

The cast iron bookends, shown above, were cast in 1930.  Beautifully sculpted, they show a proud American Bison standing atop a grassy, prairie outcropping.  They would certainly add a handsome measure of iconic American elegance to your office, den or bookshelf.  Made by Connecticut Foundry in Rocky Hill, Connecticut.  Click on the photo above to learn more about them.


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