Forever Fresh


German Art Pottery Jug with "Pesto over Cobalt" Glazing by Josef Emons & Söhne, Rheinbach (LEO Design)


When I visit any good art museum, I always spend a few extra minutes standing before the Van Goghs.  I never fail to be moved by his work.  His composition, his style, his brushwork (perhaps knifework), and his use of color are enchanting to me.  I know of his difficult life and tortured soul—and I attempt to "feel" his spirit, radiating-out from the canvas, communicating across the centuries.  I feel a sadness that he knew so little happiness in his life.  That he never sold a single piece in his lifetime.  And that he would never know how much joy and beauty and emotion he would bring to so many admirers, all around the world, for so many decades.  But most of all, when I ponder the mature works of Vincent van Gogh, I cannot help but marvel at how fresh they are!  They are ageless, timeless.  Van Gogh could have painted them yesterday!  I rarely feel this way—even with my other favorite artists, whose works often reside within a specific place and time period.  Vincent van Gogh will always remain one of the superstars on my Short List of Artistic Giants (alongside Michelangelo, Leonardo, Rembrandt and John Singer Sargent).  

The German Modernist jug, shown above, seems to share a little of the "permanent freshness"—not to mention coloration and texture—of some of van Gogh's works.  Perhaps one could employ this vessel to stash-away one's pocket change, saving-up for the next Post-Impressionist Sale.  Click on the photo above to learn more about it.


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