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The Sunset View from My Brother's Front Deck, Wailua, Kauai, Hawaii (LEO Design)

After three long years, I've finally made it back to Kauai—to my family home.  It's nice to see my 87 year old father; I value every moment we share together.  And it's great to see my younger brothers and their broods of children—now growing into young women and men.

I love the view, shown above, of the distant mountains as seen from my brother's front deck.  On the left, Mount Waialeale, called "the wettest spot on Earth."  On the right, Makaleha, Waialeale's younger sister.  Even in darkening light, I always try to take-in this view as soon as I land on the island.  It takes me back to my middle school years, when I lived on this spot.  Today my father and my youngest brother, Ian, each have their own houses on this one acre lot.

We'll be visiting Kauai and Oahu for seven days.  Too little time, alas, but all the time we have at the moment.  So we'll be sure to soak-up the sun, the moist air and the beautiful atmosphere.  I'll be back to the Eastern cold soon enough—and the busy work of the Holiday Retail season.

Here's the my brother's front deck view, taken several minutes later: 

The Twilight View from My Brother's Front Deck, Wailua, Kauai, Hawaii (LEO Design)


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