Futurist Form


Roseville Satin White "Flying Saucer" Two-Handled Vase (LEO Design)



Form, color and function coalesce handsomely in this Roseville Art Deco two-handled vase, circa 1935.  Its space aged design—like an improbable Jules Verne flying saucer—offers a "throwback Modernism" to "A Futurism that Never Was."  Like a Jetson's subcompact, actual flight is less important than the suggestion of aero-dynamism.  The color is wonderful, too: a satiny white, not quite matte-dry, but with just a hint of shine.  And I've learned over the years, a vase with a constricted neck will always make the flower arranging easier and better-looking.  The narrow opening helps to support and gather the flower stems; fewer flowers won't look quite as paltry as they might when spreading across the opening of a wide-mouthed vase.

White vases have their own discreet charm.  They don't always feel the need to grab the spotlight from the flowers they hold (imagine a bouquet of pastel spring flowers on display).  On the other hand, if properly utilized, they can complete the look with a pop (imagine sprays of green holly leaves—and red berries—emerging from the snowy white of this vase).

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