Summer's Last Tide . . .


West German Modernist Tall Vase with Four Strap-Ring Handles and Foamy Aqua-White Glazing (LEO Design)


The Summer ends six weeks from today—on Saturday 23 September.  While six weeks of Summer sounds like a good, long time, in fact, the kids will be heading back to school in a matter of days (if they're not in-class already).  The snap of Autumn (along with apples, sweaters and pumpkin spice) will be with us before you know it.

So, let's bask in the glory of Summer warmth for a few more days.  This impressive West German Modernist vase is tall, topped with four "strap-ring" handles, and is dressed in a foamy, aqueous glaze—like turquoise seawater churned with traces of foam.  Its bright, optimistic color certainly reminds me of Summer.  Perhaps it will take us back to those wonderful, sunny days of August—even in the dead of Winter.  Click on the photo above to learn more about this handsome vase.


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