From Times Past


English Arts & Crafts Hand-Hammered Brass Candlebox with Rampant Lions (LEO Design)


In the days before electricity, oil lamps and candles provided light for the household.  A candle box—a wall-mounted receptacle to hold a supply of fresh candles—was as ordinary back then as a light switch is today.  Plain candle boxes were often hung in the kitchen where their utilitarian purpose suited the functioning of the room.  Beside providing light, candles were also handy for "transferring" fire from one spot to another—say, lighting a gas burner with the flame from a lamp.

A more decorative candle box, like the English Arts & Crafts specimen shown above, might have hung on the wall of a sitting room or dining room—where the decorative repoussé metalwork would add a touch of panache.  Candles stored in the lidded container could be quickly accessed to replace one which had burnt out.

The brass panels of this candle box show a variety of decorative elements.  On the front, a "pastoral" scene lays between two curling leaves.  The lid displays a spray of flowers and leaves.  And the back panel—from which the box is hung upon the wall—features two rampant lions rearing before a bit of royal heraldry.

If candles are no longer a common necessity in your home, let the box hold your mail, keys and wallet, or stationery supplies.  It can hang on the wall or sit happily on a desk, mantelpiece or bookshelf.  Click on the photo above to learn more about this handsome piece of metalwork.


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