European Ceramic Studio Vase with Impasto Red & Brown Glazing (LEO Design)

"Impasto" is a painting technique whereby the pigment is laid-on thickly upon the canvas, often with a knife blade, creating a roughly-textured surface once dried. The term comes from the Italian verb impastare which means "to knead." Although the technique was in-use well before Van Gogh's time, it was this Impressionist Genius who embraced the method enthusiastically. Many of his masterpieces are a symphony of impasto "knife stokes"—with paint literally leaping away from the canvas below.

The European studio vase above seems to enjoy an impasto glazing of red and brown pigments.  Whether the effect is achieved during application or is a chemical reaction (in the kiln), I am not sure. But the effect is bold, spontaneous and effective.  Please click on the photo above to learn more about this vase.


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