Gifts for Smart People - part V

Cast Iron Boston Terrier Bookends with Golden Patina (LEO Design )

The Boston Terrier was actually first "created" in Liverpool, England.  It was a terrible time for dogs and other animals—the mid Nineteenth Century—as "bloodsports" were a popular pastime, pitting dogs against other animals (including dogs) in fights-to-the-death. Attempting to create a novel "pit dog," a Bulldog was crossed with an English White Terrier (now extinct).  This dog, named "Judge," was purchased by a Bostonian who brought him back to the States and bred him to develop and establish the breed.  Today the breed is known for its curious and sprightly nature, its sharp "tuxedo" coat and its gentlemanly behavior.

These bookends, from the 1920's, were made when Boston Terriers were even more popular than they are today.  In the Teens, Twenties and Thirties, the Boston Terrier was the top (or second most popular) breed in America.  By the Forties, they had fallen to third place and slid further after the War.  They continue to be popular in cities—their sophisticated "attire," compact size and big personalities seem to suit apartment living.

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