Gifts for Smart People - part I

Bronze-Clad "Wise Owl" Bookends with Original Polychrome Painting (LEO Design)

Owls have long represented Wisdom—since the days of Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and Athens's namesake. More recently, bookends have become the perfect gift for smart people. Why?  Well, first of all, one only needs bookends if one has books.  And one only has books if one loves wisdom, learning and knowledge.  Add to this the fact that a handsome pair of bookends are practical and aesthetically pleasing—like the pair of bronze-clad bookends, shown above.

Made in the 1920's, these nicely-modeled bookends were electroplated in bronze, then patinated and punctuated with hand-painting.  They'll bring style—and a certain sense of erudition—to your desk, bookshelf or office.  Learn more about them by clicking on the photo above.

More handsome bookends tomorrow.


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