Bronze Male Nude Removing His Shirt by Sculptor Luke Gwilliam (LEO Design)

Today is National Coming-Out Day.  Every 11 October—since 1988—the day has been celebrated to encourage members of the LGBT community to come-out to friends, family and colleagues.  Since homophobia and bigotry fester in conditions of deception, lies and silence, coming-out is a powerful way to educate the broader community that gay people are contributing and valued members of the society at large.  How can bigots remain bigoted when they know and love openly gay friends, colleagues, children, siblings, parents or other family members?

The bronze sculpture, shown above, was created by artist Luke Gwilliam in the 1950's.  It portrays a lithe man, removing his tight garments—perhaps symbolic of a gay person freeing him/herself from the binding restraints of a restrictive society.  Gwilliam studied art at the Worcester Museum of Art and moved to New York in 1951 where he joined the Manhattan art scene.  He is best known for his abstract paintings and exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum, Whitney Museum and other museums and galleries.  He was also photographed by George Platt Lynes.


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