Flowers for Mom - III


Revernay Nineteenth Century Aesthetic Movement Vase with Stylized Dandelions (LEO Design)


This French Art Nouveau vase, made by Revernay in 1896, enjoys an interesting ancestry, at least as ceramics manufacturing goes.  About a century earlier, in 1790, Nicolas-Henri Jacobi opened a ceramics workshop, Utzschneider et Cie, in Sarreguemines, France (in Moselle, not far from the Bavarian border).  When an early customer, Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, started placing orders, the company's fortunes were boosted considerably.  Decades later, in 1871, Bavaria (and Prussia and several smaller Germanic regions) consolidated to form modern Germany—which promptly preceded to annex the Moselle region of France. When this happened, Utzschneider opened a second workshop in Digoin, about 280 miles deeper into central France.  Here they began producing works under the Revernay name.

French Art Nouveau design is distinctive with its whiplash accents and curvaceous botanical motifs.  Aesthetic Movement influences are less common in the French Art Nouveau canon.  This vase stands as an infrequent exception.  Five-pointed star-like flowers hover over stylized dandelion foliage.  The jagged, tooth-shaped edges of the dandelion leaf help to explain its English name which derives from the corrupted French, dent de lion ("tooth of the lion").  This large and heavy piece—beautifully hand-decorated—is certain to become a statement piece in any environment it graces.  Please click on the photo above to learn more about it.


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