London Calling - IV

A Moss-Covered Garden Wall and Roses in Notting Hill, London (LEO Design)


The quiet, upscale neighborhood of Notting Hill is overrun every Saturday morning—when the Portobello Road antiques merchants descend upon this otherwise peaceful neighborhood.  And, along with the antiques traders, come thousands of customers (some serious about buying, most "just looking").  The market begins to open at 6:00 am.  By Noon, the streets are clogged with Italian tourists enjoying their obligatory (and oh. so. slow.) passeggiata.  

The main market street, Portobello Road, began as a food market in the Nineteenth Century.  After World War II, antiques traders began to populate the upper part of the road. Today, it is the largest antiques market in Britain.

A mixture of terraced townhouses, small row houses, and Thirties apartment buildings are interspersed with retail high streets.  And so many of the shops seem very creative and very specific.


Arancina Italian Pizzeria in Notting Hill, London (LEO Design)


Shown above, we see Arancina—an Italian pizzeria.  A bright orange Fiat fills much of the front window, which is okay because there is no interior seating on-offer.


Victorian Wine Shop Signage on a Contemporary Comic Book Shop in Notting Hill, London (LEO Design)


Remnants of businesses, gone scores of years ago, still make their former presences known. This comic book shop was once a wine merchant.  The eggplant colored tile is especially tasteful.


Benji's Buns Vegan Cinnamon Buns in Notting Hill, London (LEO Design)


And I couldn't help sighing when I noticed Benji's Buns (which reminded me of our little Benji, currently being pampered with dog-sitting friends in Chicago). 


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