Let the Sun Shine! - VI


Art Deco "Soft Triangular" Snapping Cufflinks with Radiant Engraving (LEO Design)


We're celebrating the summer by sharing a collection of "sunny" cufflinks—little reminders on-the-cuff of the brightness and warmth which may leave with the season, but will always come back again.

These "snapping" cufflinks were patented in 1920—perfect timing for such a new invention—which was just about the time that most men had lost their valets (if they had ever had one to begin with).  These cufflinks snap-apart into two halves; each half is inserted into the shirt cuff before dressing.  The shirt is only then put-on, and the sleeves (that is, the cufflinks) are "snapped" closed with little fumbling.  This design allows the man to use both hands to insert the cufflinks and avoids the awkward contortions sometimes required while inserting "old fashioned" cufflinks through four button holes (by oneself).  Radiant engraved beams emanate from a central triangle—reminiscent of a stylized Egyptian sun (or the pyramid upon the back of a dollar bill).  The "soft triangular" shape also makes them unusual and interesting.  Click on the photo above to learn more about them.

We have recently added a cache of new cufflinks to our website—and have many more pairs to add in the weeks to come.  Please click here to see the entire range of cufflinks for sale at LEO Design.

More radiant, sunny cufflinks tomorrow and in the days to come. 


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