Hawaii Bound - I

United's Denver to Lihue Flight Awaits in Sunny Colorado (LEO Design)
What a reassuring sight: our tropical-livery airplane already was parked at the gate marked "Lihue."  After a long, cold and busy winter, we've been looking forward to our Hawaii getaway.  My father's celebrating 89 years this year—and my nieces and nephews are a foot taller each time I see them. The jolly aircraft, being prepared for departure in sunny Denver (shown above), was nearly ready for boarding.  I love the United flight from Denver to Lihue.  If you can snag an upgrade, that route has lie-flat seats (which the flights from LAX and SFO do not).
United's Denver to Lihue Flight Arrives in Stormy Hawaii (LEO Design)
Unexpectedly, we landed as a tropical storm was hitting the island.  Who'd have thought that Denver would be sunnier—more tropical—than Kauai (shown above)?  But I'm back where I grew-up.  And rainy weather, even storms, don't tend to linger in Hawaii.  Hoping for nice, warm weather shortly.


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