Martian Antecedents

Two-Handled Urn with Dripping Rust and Gunmetal Glazing by Gerda Heuckeroth for Carstens (LEO Design) 

One day I looked-up and realized that I had amassed a rather large collection of "otherworldly" ceramic vases, urns and bowls—pieces with dripping, organic glazes which reminded me of distant planets, moons and other heavenly bodies.  Sometimes the representation is authentic: some pieces look like Neptune, Mercury or Jupiter.  Other times, the planet cannot be named—the vessel just looks like an artistic creation hanging low in the horizon of a Star Wars epic sequel.  Perhaps I'm drawn to the natural, the spontaneous, "the more Arts & Crafts" glazing.  Or, perhaps, I have a deeply-buried love for traveling the Cosmos.  (After all, I did take-up space in school.)

This urn, made by Carstens, was designed by and crafted under the supervision of ceramicist Gerda Heukeroth. She used carmel, rust and gunmetal glazes.  The effect reminds me of Mercury—the Red Planet—though its shape is ancient, classic and Earth-bound.  Please click on the photo above to learn more about it.


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